Handling Teenagers in a Modern World

Abusive Language and Bad Behaviour – key issues

Handling Exam Stress in Students

Handling A Modern Classroom

What Teachers can do about Bullying?

What Teachers need to know about Sex Education?

Anger Management for Teachers

Stress Management for Teachers

Team Building for Teachers and Principals

Being an Effective Teacher in the Modern Age

Positive Classroom Discipline at Primary Level

Positive Classroom Discipline at Secondary Level

Brain Based Education – what teachers must know

The Adolescent Brain – what teachers must know

The Male and Female Brain – what teachers must know

The Internet and Teaching

Building a Quality School

Identifying Developmental Disabilities in the Classroom

Learning Disability – what teachers must know?

Identifying Psychological Problems in the Classroom

How the English Language Learner Brain Learns

How the Brain Learns in General

How the Special Needs Brain Learns

How the Brain Learns To Study

Behaviour Modification – general aspects

Preschool Mental Health – what teachers must know

Psychological problems in school children – a primer for teachers.