These are some of the areas of work we are involved with in respect to training and guiding teachers and parents. We work with mainstream, inclusive and special schools and help them train their teachers and educate their parents to handle children with difficulties on an individual basis. We even visit the school regularly if needed. These workshops are conducted during school hours and in the school itself. In a competitive world, it is essential that children and adolescents have trained and educated personnel guiding them when it comes to dealing with world and what the future beholds for them. The focus of all our workshops is always to offer individualized, practical, affordable and applicable solutions to any problem at hand.

Parenting in a Modern World

The Parenting Workshop for Fathers

The Parenting Workshop for Mothers

The Era of Brain Based Parenting

Behaviour Modification – what parents must know

How to Talk to Kids about Sexuality and Related Issues

What parents need to know about Child Abuse?

Raising our Kids in a Digital World

Raising a Healthy Son

Raising a Healthy Daughter

Computers and the Internet – what parents must know

The Male and Female Brain – what parents must know

Bringing up a Modern Healthy Family

Sexuality and children – what parents must know

The Adolescent Brain – what parents must know

Computers and our Children – what parents must know